In the box you will receive

3 pairs of Lashes , 1 pair of Tweezers & 1 Liquid Magic Eyeliner.

How to Apply

1.  Wipe the eyeliner brush on the top of the bottle so there is not a massive amount of eyeliner on the brush

2. Apply the liner to your eyelid like a normal eyeliner

3. Cut your eyelash to the size of your eye ( cutting down to the next magnet)

4. Place the eyelash onto the eyeliner & they will stick straight away

The eyelashes will not move until you pull them off. 

When you want the eyelashes off pull them & re-stick to the magnetic strip on the box & you can reuse & reuse. 

The Styles

Number 18 & the 3 mixed styles are the most Natural & small eyelashes 

Number 15 & 17 are more going out and longer styles.